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 what is the problem wif the server??

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what is the problem wif the server?? Empty
PostSubject: what is the problem wif the server??   what is the problem wif the server?? Icon_minitimeWed Jul 09, 2008 4:04 am

wtf? cant play mex story like 4 3week le

confused Question
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what is the problem wif the server?? Empty
PostSubject: Re: what is the problem wif the server??   what is the problem wif the server?? Icon_minitimeTue Oct 21, 2008 10:21 am

We succesfully transfered to a Dedicated server! no more lag!

Welcome to SkillzMS!
Currently this is NON-hamachi We are finally dedicated which means 24/7 no lag!
To Register/Download -->


Download the New client (Updated on August 11th, 2008)


Tubi Client, Floor jump, No Damage cap(New Updated August 15), Unlimited text, Spam +more!



Dont have 0.55? well here it is!

0.55 MAplestory download;10338021;/fileinfo.html

http://skillzms.foru m


No Hacking Allowed! We will IP/Mac ban you and you will not be welcome in our server any longer.

To play this server, register at our site, download the link, Put SkillzMS6 Into your maplestory folder.

GM HeroRaven [Owner]
Jerry [Event/Coder/Forum]
GM {Thebest} [Event/Banner]
ReSeTx [Coder/Forum mod]
GM<Alkaid> [Event]

-Forum Moderators-

-Banner Maker-

Player Commands
Here are all the player commands
*Note* @shop sells bosshunter items glitter gloves onyx apples etc.
@thief <--- thiefs shop
@archer <--- archers shop
@warrior <--- warriors shop
@mage <--- mages shop
@apreset <--
@maxskills <--- skillz maxer
@mesostorage <--- store more than 2.2 bil mesos
@jobchange <--- change job
@nx <---NPC that sells NX.
@pots <-- buys pots
@shop <-- common shop
@scrolls <-- buy scrolls
@chairs<--- buy chairs
@str 15 if you want 15 str
@int 192 if you want 192 int
@dex 1 if you want 1 dex
@luk 9 if you want 9 dex
@exp --> (fix's Negative exp)
@rebirth --> (rebirth's you....)
@save --> (Saves your character instead of logging out)
@pvp5 --> (Tells you the top 5 pvp players)
@helpwith --> (Tells you where most stuff is and other helpfull stuff)
@leavepvp (Takes you out of pvp map)

SkillzMS Promo Vids/Vids

Added New donators map FILLEd with bosses etc. and also added ur exp goes down by 1/2 after 10 rebirths
Also added ALOT more custom drops and fixed PVP + added [SkillzmsTip]
Long Awaited custom drops are NOW HERE! Custom made Bamboo hats which give stats of 50, and also toy maker items which also have custom stats. Also "4" channels!
Working on Custom Drops!/Gachapon
New Benefits for donating
Fixed almost ALL bugs.
Custom PQ!!!!
New commands.
3 Channels
New maple golden leaf trader (2B item) for godly items. Also New HHG1,2, and3
All Of the FM's spawn bosses/monsters and Buddy list seller Surprised
Pap map spawns dark stars, Zakum spawns monsters, Pianus spawns also spawns monsters Just Like GMS.
Editted bosses EXP so "EVERY" boss will give exp.
Successfully got a Dedi!
ALOT of new player commands + @shop sells bosshunter items glitter gloves etc.
Mia Teleports you to PVP Doofus sells pets, summon rocks saunas and pet food, power elixers etc. Mia teleports you to PVP arena.
Item pouch and Meso magnet works! Do not but ANY other pet equips other than meso magnet, item pouch, and pet name tag.
New Rates 750x!
Pets now work! Talk to Doofus to buy the pets!
New custom NPC's! Nana sells your weapons/armor. Hana in henesys sells bowman, kerning sells thieves, Perion sells warrior, and ellinia sells magician stuff.
New PVP System, PVP=Player Vs Player
We Successfully moved to a NON-hamachi server!
New EXP Events! Each weekend the EXP/MESO rate will be 2K! So be sure to be on the weekends!
New command for PLAYERS @stat [any ap such as luk,str,dex,int] [how many] For ex, @ luk 200. It would add 200 luk. You have to add have the amount of AP for it to work.
Guild quest available
Scroll seller in Kerning City [Spiegelman] -Also sells white scrolls 500M ea-
Real Cash Shop available. NX cash can be bought with mesos on our website.
White scrolls working
Cody is now our job changer [For all jobs]
98% 4th job skills are working!
DC problem fixed [big bang and monster magnet no longer dcs]
Coco in henesys sells fame
Mr.Pickall is now the rebirth NPC
Reporting system now works. Please report any violations.
LudiPQ now working
KPQ is now fixed
Fredrick in FM sells smegas, avatar smegas, ALL maple items, and onyx apples.
2x EXP works.
Training Camp Works.
Spinel takes you anywhere.
All the hair/eye shop's work.
Cash Shop Works!

Watch out for the summer events!

Ask the GM's in our game![/b][/url]

Thief Item Seller

Magician Item Seller

Warrior Item Seller

Archer Item Seller

Buddy list Expander

Maple Leaf Exchanger

Pet Seller

NX Seller

Limited edition NX set exchanger

Boss place Warper

Warps you almost everywhere

Maple Leaf Seller/Trader

Perma Beginner Item Seller

PVP warper

Morphs work

Daily summon events

Birthday Parties!

51 people on Surprised
Monster summons Razz
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what is the problem wif the server??
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